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Polyurethane Coating- PU

Polyurethane Coating- PU

Polyurethane coating on metal provides a thin film, high gloss finish with exceptional weathering performance characteristics. This coating is used in virtually all industrial markets to provide a smooth durable finish that has superior resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure.

Application Area :

  • Coating of tanks storing Nuclear mud’s or nuclear waste
  • Nuclear pool coating 
  • Laboratories areas in nuclear industry 
  • External and internal coating of pipes
  • Walls, ceiling and floors
  • Ion exchange resin storage area
  • Chemical and strong metal storage tank
  • Turbine area flooring
  • Offshore structures
  • Water proofing of tunnels and sewers, structures on sea coast,
    submerged pipelines, etc.
  • Containment / Effluent tanks

Industries :

  • Nuclear Industry :
    • Reactor Building
    • Nuclear Pool
    • Nuclear Waste Storage Tanks
    • Water Proofing of Nuclear Containers
    • Pipes
    • Cooling Towers
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Marine Industry
  • Oil and Gas, Petroleum Industry.
  • General Applications :
    • External and Internal coating of pipes
    • Ion exchange storage area
    • Turbine area flooring
    • Water Proofing of tunnels & Sewers
    • Structures on sea coast, submerged pipelines
    • Off shore structures