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Our Clients

1 Kripa Engineering Service MSFRP Tanks
2 Shree cement Beavar ( Through Balaji Builders) PPG Lining in Drain and N-Pit
3 Unichem Pithampur Through JS Kohinoor Acid resistant tiling in process areas.
4 Dalmia cement through DFPS AR tiling in WTP areas
5 Tata maithon power ltd through GDCL PPG Lining and epoxy in various pits and drains.
6 Orient cement through thyssen krupp industries ltd PPG Lining in N-pit drain and dyke area.
7 Aditya Birla Chemicals Ltd Renukoot PPG lining in tanks and dyke area
8 NALCO DAMANJODI Through HDOL PPG in Battery room and alum tanks.
9 SKS power Generation company ltd Raigarh PPG Lining in various tanks and dyke area.
10 Bhaskar industries PPFRP Tank
11 Korba east power ltd (Through GS associates) PPG Lining in drains.
12 Shree cement Raipur Plant through DFPS PPG in DM Plant , Epoxy in wtp area and tiling in battery room area.
13 SRR Projects (PGPL TATA Proj Site) PPG In complete DM Plant.
14 Fernas Construction (ONGC OPAL Site) PPG In ETP Trenches, Floor etc.
15 BASF India Limited PPG Lining in WWTP Area
16 HMEL Refinery (Continue 3 orders in a series) PPG Lining in ETP and RODM Area
17 ESSAR Projects India Ltd Hazira PVC Lining in DM Plant area
18 Sukam Power systems PPG Lining in DM Plant
19 Paramount Ltd (At IOCL paradip site) PPG Lining in Dyke Area.
20 HDOL PPG Lining in DM plant area IOCL
21 HDOL FRP Pipe fittings for DCW tuticorin plant.
22 Tata maithon power Ltd through GDCL Acid resistant tiling and epoxy lining work in chemical house, Hero room and Battery room.